Before-sales service:
1. If you are interested in our product, please provide us with your detailed address and relevant information. We will send you SJMC updated product catalogue as soon as possible.
2. If you are interested in any product type after visiting or reading our product catalogue, please send an e-mail to or Our sales manager will reply you within 24 hours and provide you with professional technical services.
3.  If you want to learn more about the product that you are interested in, we are ready to send you product instruction or operation video.
4.  If you want to improve any product through technological improvement or modification, your support will be highly appreciated and SJMC will carefully review your proposal and provide you with our final feedback.
5.  If you have special requirement for any product, we can also provide you with personalized service. You have to only provide us with your technical and special requirements and SJMC engineers will try their best to meet your needs. We can also provide new customized product design if requested.
After-sales service:
Thank you for choosing SJMC products. We will strive to provide quality service to satisfy your needs. SJMC after-sales service consists of two parts, that is, General Guarantee and Special Guarantee. Special Guarantee is a value-added service based on General Guarantee available to customers. We are now providing Special Guarantee for an exclusive category of products. For more information, please refer to SJMC Special Guarantee.
SJMC General Guarantee
We will provide 12-month warranty for any SJMC products purchased by customers. For any failure caused by the quality problem of the product itself within twelve (12) months after bill of lading, SJMC engineers and technicians will provide real-time technical support for you by means of telephone, facsimile and e-mail and send spare parts free of charge. We will also provide customized video solution and ask local partner to provide technical support for you. For some special regions, we will dispatch our engineers and technicians for door-to-door maintenance.
General Guarantee Operational Process
In the event of such defects within the twelve (12) months after bill of lading, can not work properly, or any parts damaged , please start the General Guarantee service by the following steps:
1. Provide Order No., Model and Products Serial Number.
2. Please describe the failures and problems in a detailed and objective way so that our engineers can accurately analyze the problems and develop solution based on your description.
3. If our engineer considers it necessary, please provide relevant photos, video and documents of this failure. The engineer might inquire you about more details about the failure. In order to resolve the problem as soon as possible, please cooperate with the engineer closely.
4. If your product problem is caused due to spare parts damage, we will send you new parts attached with installation drawing within three (3) working days.
5. For common mechanical and electrical failure or operation problem, we will provide you with the solution in written within five (5) days. If necessary, video solution is also available to you.
6. If your problems with the product still can not be resolved through these methods, we will ask our local partner to provide you with technical support or dispatch engineers and technicians for door-to-door maintenance.
7. The costs for change of spare parts, general maintenance, technical support and engineer & technician dispatch will not be paid by customers. General Guarantee is free of any extra expense.
Provisory clauses:
SJMC General Guarantee shall not cover any loss or failure caused under the following circumstances:
1. Physical damage caused by certain intent.
2. Any loss due to emergent accident or Force Majeure.
3. Any loss in non-conforming harsh environment for product use.
4. Serious failure caused by malfunction which does not conform to the instruction.
If you have any complaints about our products or service, please e-mail us at or send fax to No. 0086 21 63805455