“Engine Rebuilding” refers to the process of turning an old and no longer usable engine into a new one through processing and repairs so that it can meet standards equivalent to those of a new engine. The engine assembly, which is completely disassembled, cleaned, tested, processed and reassembled, passes tests to ensure quality. SJMC is a manufacturer and service provider committed to R&D and promotion of key technology of engine rebuilding and advanced machines, providing system solutions and services rebuilding motors.
1. Advanced and reliable techniques and long-term cooperation with world-famous manufacturers: SJMC engineers, based on globally-advanced technology and practical experience of operators, provides customers with a complete process solution for engine rebuilding , tailored to customers’ demand. Each style of machine is provided with advanced and reliable techniques.
2. Stable quality: SJMC machines conform to the inspection standards of exported products of the People’s Republic of China. Some products are certified by European CE. The manufacturing process completely implements ISO9001:2000.
3. Most cost-effective: As compared with the world-famous manufacturers, SJMC’s machines are of high quality and very cost-effective, which is owing to the great cost advantages of China.
4. Service with high efficiency: SJMC has close cooperative relations with international logistics companies such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, etc. In addition, our technical team can provide you with the most efficient service in the quickest time possible.
Since 1997 products of SJMC have been exported to more than 60 countries, and are recognized by its customers for their excellent cost performance.